Thursday, May 25, 2006

Security Issue?

I have been staying at the Marriott Long Wharf the past couple of nights, and I have forgotten to grab my room key more in the past two days than the past 5 years combined. I am at a conference up at dawn out past dark so I guess I'm a little tired. Anyway, I went down to get another key wearing my conference pass badge with my name on it and instead of asking me for my license, they merely looked at my badge and 'knew' who I was and gave me another key.

Now if I were a diabolical person, and a competitor happened to be here and left their badge in one of the sessions, I could easily have pulled the same thing - masquerading an identity - gotten a new room key (credential), gone into their room with a thumb drive, copied everything, and depending on my mood, deleted everything or not.

So to all you travelers out there - beware of the old fashioned masquerading of your identity.


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