Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Insider threat - UBS

If you want to prevent this, email me and I'll tell you how. The perimeter isn't the most dangerous place anymore...

identitystuff @ gmail.com

July 21, Information Week - UBS trial aftermath: Even great security can't protect you from the insider. The recent UBS PaineWebber computer sabotage trial is a perfect example of the damage that can be caused by a knowledgeable insider with high-level access and an axe to grind. A company employee is already inside the perimeter, where the vast majority of the protective technologies sit. That same employee also knows what information is most vital to the company's ability to make money and sustain itself. He has knowledge of passwords, and he also probably knows what kind of machines and operating systems the company is running. An IT professional has all this information, plus he has access to the inner workings of the infrastructure. He has high-level privileges that allow him access to key servers and databases, and possibly even root-level access, which would give him all-encompassing power over the system. UBS PaineWebber's network was hit by a logic bomb in March of 2004. A jury last week found Roger Duronio of Bogota, NJ, guilty of two crimes: computer sabotage for building, planting and distributing the malicious code that brought down nearly 2,000 servers on the company's nation-wide trading network; and securities fraud.


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