Friday, December 15, 2006

Machine Identity

I recently received an email from across the pond in the UK from a gentleman who has read my ISSA Journal article discussing Machine Identity. He was looking for more resources and research on the concept of Identity of Machines being important as is the identity of a user which got me thinking about how the current state of Identity Management has been focused very heavily on users, single/multi factor identification, Directories, user provisioning/deprovisioning workflows, etc.

Since bots are a really intriguing to me (and a harmful) problem for a lot of network owners, it got me thinking about the importance of managing machine identity, and wondering why there is so little information and focus out there.

Is it too Skynet/Cyberdyne?
The Rise of the Machines?
Is this the beginning of it all?

This from This Wiki Site

In Terminator 3, the Judgment Day described in the first movie has been altered and postponed by ten years. In contrast to Terminator 2, it is implied that humans are ignorant of Skynet's sentience, which attacked humanity without any provocation whatsoever. The events of Judgment Day were ultimately not prevented, merely postponed. Ten years after the events of Terminator 2, Skynet was created as a United States Air Force project, a distributed computer network designed to create new military vehicles and make strategic decisions as well as protect their computer systems from virus attacks. One such virus had infected their defense computers, crippling them all. Under pressure, the Air Force attempted to use Skynet to remove the virus, not realizing that Skynet was sentient and had created the virus in order to manipulate humanity into giving it control over the world's computers. Skynet was initially thought to be capable of being shut down if only someone could reach its system core, but ultimately it was discovered that the Skynet was nothing more than software that ran by spreading throughout the world's computer networks and was incapable of being disabled from a central point. Judgment Day occurred, but John Connor survived. It is suggested that future events unfolded as they were supposed to.

Skynet gained access to several autonomous military drones (such as the T-1 in Terminator 3), using them to round up survivors, who were forced to build automatic factories and robots that were better at construction than the military robots. Skynet then killed these human slaves, and using the infrastructure they had been forced to start, rapidly designed newer and better machines until it controlled an extremely advanced empire centered on a city-state located in the state of Colorado in the United States, known as Sector Zero on Earth by 2029, at the Cheyenne Mountain complex, presumably the precise former location of NORAD.


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