Friday, March 30, 2007

IdentityStuff Facts & Metrics

I was recently catching up on doing some analytics on my blog and looking at visits and referrers, etc. and I thought I would share some data for those of you who emailed me asking - Who reads this stuff anyway?

My privacy policy is simple - I look at high level vist data. I could care less who you are, or who you work for. I want to know if the blog is being read, and whether or not my views are adding value to our industry. It also points to the domination of Google for search refers 90% of the traffic

There are 37-112 pageviews per day

75% are returning, 25% are new on average

Keywords that drive traffic - USB Hacks, Virtualization, TJX, Machine Identity in that order

Visitors this week are from the US (65%), Canada (7%), UK (6%), Denmark (8%), Italy (2%), Australia (1%), France (1%). Historically over the past year, 75% of visitors are from the US

Top referring sites (400 Total Sites):
9 of the top 10 are Google (Search, Search UK, etc.)
#7 of the top 10 is Oracle

Most popular time of day readers visit: 2-3PM EST /-5GMT


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