Thursday, January 18, 2007

TJX - The latest

Ok, Folks... I thought my open challenge to the US Navy at the end of last year would be enough for someone to email me and tell me I was full of crap, or the other more fun option - prove that you can do what you say. So here goes folks:

I double-dare any company who has had a breach to email me and challenge me to prove how I can stop future breaches from happening, shut off access to garbage (kits, scripts, and such) that was left behind, and at the end of a two week period be able to tell you who from what machine connected to what application and when they did it down to the sub second in real time. When I say 'From what machine' I mean the machine they used, not the MAC address or IP address.

In one day I will show you the top IP addresses connected to from your network, whether is World of Warcraft, or the World of Network Security. I will then, with the same piece of technology allow you to set a policy that that can't happen anymore. For that user. For that machine. For that user at that machine. For that user at that machine while on the LAN.

Don't believe me, email me at and I'll prove it in 2 weeks or less. If it doesn't work, I take it back. If it works as advesrtised you pay me.

Folks, its cheaper and less embarassing to talk to Me than to the press, Wall Street, and your bosses who all won't tolerate the bad news nearly as well as I will.

Go ahead, I double dare you. You'll feel like Neo after he took the red pill... 'Remember, all I am offering is the truth and nothing more...'

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