Thursday, June 15, 2006

Identity and Trust - Part III

I know I am approaching a Star Wars esque naming convention for this series, however, without the proper amounts of caffiene my creative juices aren't pegging the red line...

Anywho, I saw a blog the other day talking about their belief that identity was the root of trust, and that Identity was really about Identity (I forgot where I saw it so email me and I'll link). Then I remembered an article I read in a local paper about a bank teller involved in identity theft.

The kicker in this article is that the bank teller used someone else's ID to get the job that put her in the position to be able to take a few bucks from the bank. In other words if Identity is the root of trust and we validate once, even in the real world, then we are setting ourselves up for something like this. Trusted relationships must be validated whether we think they ought to or not, and managing this trust that maps back to an identity is crucial so that we reduce the risk that the identity is in fact stolen/fake.

Even with all of the corporate screening and backgroung checks, etc. the identity was AN identity, not the right one and belonged to an untrusted source...

PORTSMOUTH - A woman arrested last week on allegations of being a bank teller-turned-robber, was arraigned and bailed under the false identity she purchased for $1,000, said police.

On May 30, police arrested Maria Garcia, 23, of 14 M St., Hampton, on five counts of theft by unauthorized taking and four counts of forgery. A former teller for the Pease branch of Banknorth, Garcia is alleged to have stolen $7,250 from the bank’s customers and automatic teller machine.

But police have since learned Maria Garcia is actually Heliana Medina.

Brought to Portsmouth District Court from the Rockingham County House of Corrections Monday, Medina was arraigned on a new count of felony identity fraud. Police allege she confessed to purchasing a birth certificate and Social Security card - both in the name of Maria Garcia - from someone in Lawrence, Mass., for $1,000.


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I think she is not guilty

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