Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Another Travesty That Could Have Been Avoided

Well folks, the latest company to wind up on the data breach list is AT&T. The AT&T hack exposed 19,000 customers' identities. Reposted from ZDNet Site:

The break-in occurred over the weekend and was discovered within hours, after which the online store was shut down, AT&T said. The telecommunications company quickly notified credit card companies and is in the process of contacting the affected customers via e-mail, phone and letter, it said.

I dont know if hours means 2 or 40 but from my perspective it is irrelavant. The bottom line from my perspective is that this activity is ENTIRELY preventable and I can prevent it from happening. How you ask?

Because if you do not have an identity that is known to me and valid (as a company) AND you don't have a machine that I know and trust - you don't get access to my networks, servers, or applications. Period.

No identity (user or machine), no entry.

Game over.

Pick on someone else.

If you want to learn more - email me - identitystuff @ and I'll take you through the how.


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