Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The C_ripple effect

I hadn’t thought about this element of an Application Layer IdM deployment which is that the network/firewall teams can bring misery to the dance by ratcheting down access to certain apps. The other major issue I see with this is that firewalls and most network devices have absolutely NO idea about identity. They don’t even understand the concept. So while you’re busy plugging away at setting up your dev, test, staging and Production environments you can be at the threshold of a launch and get taken out at the knees.

Yet another case for why Identity in the Network layer is a viable alternative – simpl, powerful, policy based, AND it will work with all of the networking equipment AND the application layers, AND it’s a better place to add infrastructure vs. throwing servers in a farm, and let them drain power, generate heat, and take up space while you fight yet another battle of getting the layers to work together…

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