Friday, January 26, 2007

TJX Ripples Go Global

I just read a new piece of news regarding TJX from the Massachusetts Bankers Association saying that there have been reported fraudulent activity in Florida, Georgia, and Louisiana AND in Hong Kong & Sweden.

There is absolutely no excuse for an industry group to be providing more information than the company whose records were breached. The silence from TJX has been deafening and the lack of information (including expressing concern for those effected) is simply breathtaking.

I hope that all of the colleges in New England use this case as the poster child case for what not to do in the event of a breach, what TO do to erradicate any sense of trust within the company itself or its customers, and to the lawyers who are likely in the midst of the trainwreck trying to manage through this - chalk this one up to WHAT NOT TO DO IN THE EVENT OF A BREACH file.


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