Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The end of an era...

One of my favorite restaurants in North America has closed - Ollies Noodle Shop - in Manhattan.

I went there for lunch yesterday, braving the tourists in Times Square, only to find a demolition company's truck parked out front and dusty windows telling me they had moved. I felt like Ralph Wiggum after Lisa Simpson told him she didn't like him and Bart caught the exact moment his heart broke on film...

I trudged another 6 or 7 blocks to their new location and it was not Ollies, in any way shape or form. They tried to go upscale, and cut 3/4 of their menu items - of course the only two dishes I have ever eaten there - and it wasn't that good at all.

I rolled back to my hotel several blocks north lamenting the end of an era. Bummer.

If anyone has any favorite picks for great chinese in Midtown, send them over...



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