Thursday, March 13, 2008

Would the real Identity of Kristen (Spitzer's girl) Please Stand up

I was wondering how long it was going to take for people to figure out who Kristen was - you know - the woman who Elliot Spitzer was hooking up with.

I can only imaginge the frenzy the folks at TMZ must have had or the gossip hounds in NYC and DC doing everything they can to track this woman down. There were some things I couldn't help thinking about after the news broke -

1. The fact that somewhat skilled, unlicensed, and people with internet access can find out the identity of 'Kristen' and a large portion of the US freaks out over wiretapping. I say pick your poison. Having tens of thousands of Paparazzi digging is probably twice what the NSA has at any given time.

2. Maybe the Paparazzi need to be exploited for our national security gains - whatever that might mean.

3. This is a hell of a way for a singer to jump start her career. I think American Idol just Jumped the Shark. Yes, - You heard it here first. Now we need the William Hong of the Prostitute-Politician connection to emerge. 'She bang, She Bang!' I still love that guy.

4. I wonder if Kristen has LifeLock or other Identity Theft prevention services on her accounts.

5. What was Spitzer thinking? Granted his choice was 1000% better than Hugh Grant's but still... I would put Mrs. Spitzer in the MILF category.

Here concludes my coverage of this incident. We're human, we screw up, and some of us do it in breathtaking ways. What do think about a Giulliani/Mrs. Spitzer ticket?

OK. I'll crawl back under my rock now... Get back to work!


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