Monday, October 29, 2007

Four Generations of MacAuley Clan See Red Sox Win World Series

Here is another bit of trivia for all you Identitystuff fans out there - Four generations of my family have been alive to see the redsox win the World Series twice in their lifetimes.

My grandmother, Mary, who passed away in 2005 days after meeting my 3 week old daughter for the first time was born the same year as Fenway Park - 1912. She saw the last World Series win of the Red Sox (Prior to the 2004 win) in 1918, and was alive and well, and wide awake in Maine at the end of the Winning Game in 2004.

My Dad and my Uncle were the second generation to see them win twice as did me and my son (who was born February 2004 and was wearing Red Sox stuff in her first days of life) in 2004 and 2007 respectively.

Four generations, two World Series, one team - The Boston Red Sox.

Just for the record, it has also been four generations who believe that the Yankees Suck...

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