Friday, June 13, 2008

The Yankees suck in a whole new way...

I had to share the following experience from my travels this week, because it goes to show that while we think we are secure we're not, and a good impersonation can get you places and a horrible one will get you close enough to touch Derek Jeter, A-Rod Posada, and Mo Rivera.

I was at a partner event in NYC Monday that was taking place at Yankees Stadium where it was 100+ degress on the field that day. I got to the stadium early and was told my ticket would be next to the press area so I went to find it. I hiked around for a bit until I cam to a barricaded area and stopped to see where I was and why it was barricaded. I couldn't figure it out, but I did see the big PRESS awning in back and so I walked around the barricade past two cops and over towards the press area.

I ask how I get my ticket, is there a list, etc etc. and they said stay put so I hung out and watched the police mill around, the yankees personnel get ready and the press people with legitimate credentials stroll by.

After a bit I notice a parking area where a nice car just went into and I watched as it parked and the driver got out - it was Posada. He walked right by me 10 feet away. It was starting to register that they had the area barricaded because this was where the players came in. Nobody said boo, nobody asked me anything and I was chatting up cops, EMT's the works.

Next player to walk by me - Rivera - who incidentally gave up the game losing run that day - then Jeter, then A-Rod then Abreu. All within 10-20 feet nodded their heads to a guy standing there with a shirt with a company logo on it, and a computer bag.

My point to all of this - that the cops and presence of no less than 100 people there to keep idiots like me out did not. My identity was assumed to be the press because I was carrying my Vignette bag (which must have been the dead giveaway) and had a golf shirt on with a logo on it (second clue). If our IT assets were this loose we'd be in even worse shape.

My second point is that the Yankees suck in a whole new way for me - their identity management and controls...

For those of you going to Catalyst, look for the guy in the kilt and the Red Sox hat and we can exchange barbs about the Yankees and my beloved Red Sox at the opening reception.