Thursday, April 02, 2009

What ever happened to Sky Marshalls?

I was in JFK yesterday and I was the number 2 person on the plane and it made me think back to when Sky Marshalls were #1 or #2. I havent seen one in a while.

Before someone writes the comment 'Thats the point' they were not too hard to spot - short cut hair, intimidating, trying to look like a regular passenger, always first or second on the plane, and they never sat in exit rows or 1st class.

Do I see a VH1 'Where are they now' segment?

Or a Government version of 'Where are they now?' on C-span? There's an idea to liven up C-Span - a reality show besides watching politiciand filibuster, or watching Pelosi whine about needing a bigger plane.


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