Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Where is MY money?

I have been catching up on a few news items - and I needed a break from my expense reports.

The news item that just floored me was the one about US Banks not telling where the public bailout funds are going.

Wait a minute - WTF???? I just spent an hour tediously combing through receipts to justify where my money was spent on behalf of my employer and the banking bozos don't need to do that with my money?

Hmmm. For a sector that is so concerned with transparency, auditability, justification, and bean counting - it doesn't mean sh*t. These execs just used my money and they won't tell me what for, nor will the Government that lent it to them and is charged with protecting my interests.

I am thinking that this country is now pedal to the medal on self distruction.

The government takes my money. Then lends it to institutions that claim to not have any, and then expects nothing in return. I don't get it.

Could you imagine if we stopped paying taxes? Put on our W-4 that we have 35 dependents, and refused (or chose not) to justify them? Told the government that I choose not to pay taxes since they cannot tell me where the money is going nor prove that they are acting in my best interests? Hah. Good one.

The US Government just gave Billions of money to their Junkie sibling. Textbook enabling behavior in a breathtaking systemic fashion. And the spin merchants tell us that the world economy will collapse.

No it won't - it will have one hell of a correction, but it won't collapse. People will freak out, get the fear out of their systems and then get back to work building stuff, trading stuff, figuring it all out.

Where is Barney Frank - the chief architect in this fine mess? Nice oversight. Barney Rubble would do a better job. Can we impeach this knucklehead?

It would seem that those of us who are in this segment of IT - Identity/Security/Audit have more work to do. Systemic work. Trust but verify work. The kind of work that we are capable of - providing proof that what the US Government did was idiotic, and what the financial institutions are doing is criminal.

And don't think that some of us can't prove it.

I think there is an unprecedented opportunity out there for the identity theives and hackers, the black hats with an ax to grind - embarassment at unprecedented levels within the global financial instutions and government(s). If money has little value, the currency of information just shot up like a 2 liter of Diet Coke with a fistful of Mentos in it.

Being able to prove what these companies themselves are 'choosing' not to - That they have taken what is ours (money) and they will have to account for it - or it will be done for them by the very people they took it from.

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