Wednesday, July 02, 2008

IDaas is Garnering more discussion...

My buddy Matt Flynn and Matt Pollicove were exploring the topic of IdM as a Service which we had been discussing back in this post a while back...

While at Burton Group's Catalyst this year I had the chance to speak to some folks about this topic and the mindshare was very clear - automate everything you possibly can and use IdM to do it.

IdM products have matured to the point where they can log and gather thousands of events that feed reports that drive compliance (or non-compliance). The gotchas as I see them are this:

IdM is positioned horizontally and cuts across audit, security, and business process (operations) so it can become a political hot potato quickly

Organizations capture a ton of data today, where the wheat and chaff are separated is making the data useful data, and this is a subjective art project that masquerades as science a lot of the time. I'd be curious to see if data mining would and/or could do the same as IdM in reverse - look at raw data of what happened to build a better workflow based in actual events vs. what we think happened

Bottom line is the bottom line. Automation helps us get smarter, behave more efficiently and lower costs while improving the service to the business cash registers.


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