Friday, December 05, 2008

Did they find the Holy Grail?

A friend of mine had contacted me a few days ago and given me a heads up on what NetVision was up to. As a follower of the blog, he knew that I had been banging the drum about Audit as a Service, and SaaS-ing the identity space.

What NetVision seems to have done is to automate, using best practices, the cost of an audit and/or auditing at least on the inside of your company your identity based controls. Imagine, a way to have data collected, in a standarized way, without it going through layers of interpretation. Sounds like the dog is back wagging the tail.

Netvision says it's delivered on an appliance. I wonder if a Virtual Appliance is too far behind, as that would give us a very portable, standardized, low maintenance option to further mitigate audit costs, and proactively address significant risks.

If anyone tries it let me know. I will post feedback and change names to protect the innocent.

From Netvision's site:

SIMON is built on a platform that has been refined over the past decade merging proven technology with unparalleled expertise. It combines the ability to filter for relevant results with real-time monitoring, from-the-source data collection, and a powerful reporting engine. SIMON extracts and aggregates information from core network directories and file systems by monitoring user accounts, access rights, administrative changes, and user activity. The result is a flexible, hassle-free platform that delivers the exact answers you want.

"What we've done" explains NetVision CEO, David Rowe, "is remove the obstacles and pre-requisites to establishing an effective best-practice audit." The SIMON service includes all required hardware, software, installation, configuration, and maintenance. In addition, SIMON delivers years of knowledge and best-practices in the form of pre-configured templates, policies, and reports.

With SIMON, NetVision continues to provide value around core network operating system directories and related file systems from Microsoft™ and Novell™. NetVision's Matt Flynn adds "These platforms are the launch pad into the network. They provide initial authentication, file and print services, and are often used to grant access to applications across the network such as web portals, VPNs, and identity & access management systems."

"Our goal", according to Flynn, "was to create a solution that behaves like a member of the team. If some high risk activity takes place, SIMON will be watching and will let you know." SIMON's ability to translate technical jargon into non-technical reporting creates actionable intelligence for personnel across the organization. NetVision customer Steven Piubeni, Assistant VP, Information Systems at United Bank, confirms that at his bank, "NetVision actually eliminated the need to hire another employee."


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