Thursday, July 12, 2007

Look what I found... Shiny new tool for the Beancounters?

I just had lunch with the CEO of VKernel, and we originally met to discuss some other things, and he told me about VKernel. Having worked with large companies, this is going to be a nice app to have in the IT Operations arsenal.

V-Kernel adds functionality not available in Virtual Center such as Chargeback, Top down reporting on Resources used by multiple VMs to support Business Services, and Storage usage reporting.

In just a few minutes, with these Reports, you can :

Find out how much CPU, Memory, Network, and Storage each VM is consuming.

Understand Total Resource consumption by groups of VMs that support business applications such EMAIL, CRM, and others.

Generate Chargeback reports that are based on actual consumption of resources in your environment.

V-Kernel is a Virtual Appliance. It does not require installation or extensive configuration. Simply drop this appliance into one of your ESX servers and specify which servers you want to report on. That´s it!