Friday, July 27, 2007

Who Entitled Me Anyway?

So I got to thinking this morning as I was out catching a few waves before work, that with all the buzz and thought going into entitlements I had to wonder - how did things get so f)*&^(^% up in the first place?

I got to thinking back over the years and how it all starts with onboarding. Remeber onboarding? That was the pain in the ass du jour a few years ago with identity management since it was crucial for provisioning - a big topic 2 years ago at Catalyst in San Diego. So I determined that it all goes back to HR. And perhaps Dogbert is the wizard of it all, but I digress...

If we think about roles and entitlements, I would think that there would have been more backlash in HR groups since they are the ones who ultimately control creation of an identity within a company. At least I hope we don't fill out all of that paperwork for a self service app...

So I got to wondering, what could Oracle and SAP bring to the table around getting off on the right foot to pre build roles into their applications that automatically take care of provisioning and to a certain extent, entitlements?

I have to believe it would simplify some things, especially new deployments and it's not like they haven't been doing this for 20 years and have no idea what to do or where to start. Granted every company has their own set of roles which drive the entitlements so if we address it at the source, wouldn't that help?

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