Friday, June 08, 2007

BlackDog Project = Echo Identity Systems

I had posted last year that I had bought a BlackDog as my latest and greatest toy, which was a linux box with a biometric scanner built in that plugs into a USB port on your notebook and uses the computer display and keyboard and USB power. I still don't have any idea what to do with it, but someone figured out how to use it for an Identity Application - Echo Identity Systems in Salt Lake.

There is no news and it looks like the bought the assets of Project Black Dog and turned it into an identity play by using the linux server as an identity server, and the built in biometrics as one of the factors for authentication. These guys may be fun to watch...

From their page:

The Echo iD3 Ultra-Mobile Server is a self-contained mobile computer that contains its own processor, memory, and storage. This allows the Echo iD3 to interact with the host PC as a peer or server instead of as a peripheral.

The Echo iD1200 Management Router extends data, applications, and services to enterprise end users via a secured computer like the Echo iD3, in a managed and secure fashion. Deployed at the edge of the enterprise network and easily integrated with existing IT infrastructure, the Echo iD1200 Management Router provisions applications and establishes authorization for Echo iD3 users.
Users employ a Echo iD3 Ultra-Mobile Server connected to any computer in any location to safely access the applications, resources, and data they need.
Administrators control thousands of iD3s from the iD1200 Management Router.
Financial concerns are alleviated with a drop-in system that significantly reduces IT support costs.

1. iD1200 Management Router. Activates Echo iD3 devices, updates software applications that run on the iD3 Ultra-Mobile Servers, and provides access to corporate applications and resources. Also instantly disables or deactivates Echo iD3 Ultra-Mobile Servers, immediately rendering them unable to access enterprise resources through the VPN tunnel.

2. The Administration Console. Used to access the iD1200 Administration web application.

3. (Optional) Application Servers. The servers with enterprise applications available to which the Echo iD3 connects. These application servers can be Citrix, RDP, Web, or other types.

4. (Optional) The LDAP Server. The server that provides directory services to the Echo iD1200 Management Router.

5. The Host Computer. Provides keyboard, mouse, monitor, and Internet connection for the connected iD3.

Together, the Echo iD3 Ultra-Mobile Server and the Echo iD1200 Management Router address what is likely the single biggest security issue facing enterprises today -- the use of unidirectional trust models. Users no longer have to navigate multiple layers of security, presenting credentials at each level. They are also completely confident they are accessing the proper enterprise resources. Administrators are likewise confident that only authenticated users can access backend resources. This bidirectional trust model is in place even while using untrusted resources such as PCs, even those compromised with malware.

Typical Use

1. The user connects the iD3 to the USB port of a host PC and authenticates on the iD3 using the built-in biometric scanner. When connected to the host PC, the iD3 uses the host's keyboard, mouse, monitor, and Internet connection to provide a familiar and rich user interface.

2. The iD3 and iD1200 work together to automatically establish a VPN connection, providing a secure, encrypted data tunnel.

3. While connected to the host PC, the iD3 user accesses all their applications, resources, and data - both local and remote. Access to these applications, resources, and data is controlled by the profile established on the iD1200 for the user. To help ensure security and maintain the integrity of the iD3 Ultra-Mobile Server and its association with the enterprise network, the iD3 user cannot download applications, files, or malware, even by accident.

4. As necessary, administrators automatically update iD3 applications and configurations and can instantly change or deny access to any or all enterprise resources.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You need to check out and their Vault product..It is the bomb, plug and play, drag and drop AES 256 encryption with biometrics, and unlimited form factor, super small and resonably priced 2-4gb of storage and you can use the fingerprint sensor on the stick for their other software for email encryption, and login to your pc.

Super easy to use and reasonable priced.

Check it

Friday, June 08, 2007 10:05:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The BlackDog is sorta back, though moving on to the K9 hardware revision. The iD3 is actually originally from Realm Systems before they went bust. At one point Echo Identity had a claim on the IP and hardware designs for both the BlackDog and the iD3, but apparently that's changed and yet another group of former Realm employees are getting the K9 finally out the door. Terry Bayne seems to be the public interace for current BlackDog owners and the new company, even though he doesn't work for them. Project BlackDog forums are back too.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007 12:22:00 AM  

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