Monday, June 18, 2007

State of Ohio Identity Whoops!

I can't help but wonder what will happen to pensions. I know that the SSN's of folks have a value of $2-5 but what if you were able to get to the state pension systems? There would be a field day in there, especially with the folks who have given 19 years of service, those would likely be some good checks up for grabs...

I wonder where the intern is headed next...

The names and Social Security numbers of all 64,000 Ohio state employees were stolen last weekend from a state agency intern who left a backup data storage device in his car, Gov. Ted Strickland said.

An additional review of data revealed that the storage device also held information on 53,797 participants enrolled in the state’s pharmacy benefits management program, as well as names and Social Security numbers of about 75,532 dependents, the governor’s office confirmed Saturday. Strickland has asked Ohio Inspector General Tom Charles to investigate.


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