Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cataclysmic Catalyst

cat·a·clysm (kāt'ə-klĭz'əm) Pronunciation Key
A violent upheaval that causes great destruction or brings about a fundamental change.
A violent and sudden change in the earth's crust.
A devastating flood

I munged Catalyst and Cataclysm in a discussion with a friend of mine, and as it turns out the two are not unrelated. Catalyst has nothing to do with the earth's crust directly, however being in San Francisco it is tangentally related. Fundamental change? Check. A Flood? Of people? Check.

Yes I'll be there, and I am pulling together some friends to catch up in between meetings with customers in the East Bay. I will not be wearing my kilt this year (a travesty for the ladies who count on seeing my revered kneecaps, and the scar I got at Dunvegan Castle on the Isle of Skye I know) but I will be there none the less.

I happened to catch Ian Glazer's post about needing a new watering hole in San Francisco and there are a few I would recommend, however none of them are where the majority of the hotels are:

Vesuvio at 255 Columbus Ave. Kerouac used to hang here. 'Nuff said.

The Carnelian Room - Hands down the best views in the city. It's at the top of the Bank of America building 555 California street. I was at the post IPO party of ATG there with guys (at the time) worth more than John Hancock. Literally.

Ace Wasabi's in the Marina. Great Sushi, hip crowd, and saki. Opens at 6 pm

The Grove in the Marina is a fantastic place to people watch and you can't go wrong with the oatmeal for brunch.


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